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The G. H. Hardy Reader

The G. H. Hardy Reader

Donald J. Albers, Gerald L. Alexanderson, and William Dunham, Editors

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Print ISBN: 978-1-10759-464-7
331 pp., Paperbound, 2015
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G. H. Hardy (1877-1947) ranks among the great mathematicians of the 20th century. He did essential research in number theory and analysis, held professorships at Cambridge and Oxford, wrote classic textbooks, and famously collaborated with J. E. Littlewood and Srinivasa Ramanujan. Hardy was a colorful character with remarkable expository skills. And he was nuts about cricket.

This book is a feast of G. H. Hardy's writing. There are selections of his mathematical papers, his book reviews, his tributes to departed colleagues. Some articles are serious, and others display his wry sense of humor. To these are added recollections by those who knew Hardy, along with biographical and mathematical pieces written explicitly for this collection.

Those who have read A Mathematician's Apology know that G. H. Hardy could stand alongside the best mathematical expositors of all time. As a consequence, this Reader should be a treat for everyone from the interested amateur to the serious mathematician.

Table of Contents

I. Biography
II. Writings by and about G. H. Hardy
III. Mathematics
IV. Tributes
V. Book Reviews
A. Last Word
About the Editors

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