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Information for Libraries

librarianThe MAA offers libraries access to both electronic and print editions of its publications, including a large selection of MAA books, our three journals—The American Mathematical Monthly, The College Mathematics Journal, and Mathematics Magazine—and our student magazine, Math Horizons.

Electronic access to current issues of our three journals and Math Horizons may be purchased through JSTOR. Access to archival issues (backfile) is also available via JSTOR.

MAA journal subscription rates for 2016

MAA journal subscription rates for 2017

MAA electronic books may be ordered through EBSCO, University Publishing Online (Cambridge University Press), ebrary (ProQuest), and  JSTOR. Print editions may be purchased through the online MAA Store, as print-on-demand copies at our eBooks Store, or ordered from the MAA Service Center at 1.800.331.1622.

The links below provide additional information about our publications and other resources for librarians.